Refugees on their way into German Higher Education (WeGe)


The WeGe-study investigates the situation in study preparation classes and the key conditions for a successful integration of refugees and asylum seekers into the German higher education system.

On this website you'll find information and the latest news on the study. Moreover, we will provide information about our findings, publications and upcoming events. Participants will have the possibility to update their contact information.

Online survey: Thank you for your support!

We thank all participants who have enriched our study with their willingness to respond. In summer we had written to all participants of the first survey who had given us an accessible email address and the permission to re-establish contact. After all, around 40% took the trouble to answer our questions. We would like to thank you very much!

All participants who have allowed us to use their email address for a raffle will now also be given the opportunity to win a tablet as a first prize or a book voucher as a second prize. In addition, 5 ¤ vouchers will be distributed.

The answers show us that the overwhelming majority of respondents are on the way to university - e.g. waiting for admission - or already studied. Of course, we are looking forward to it and wish you continued success in your studies. Especially for those who have taken other paths, we want to thank you especially for participating in the survey.

Already in the spring of next year, we will again start an online survey and invite all participants again. But now we are looking forward to inquiry and stay curious.


Does Higher Education (HE) Promote Integration? Symposium from July 10th to 12th 2019 in Hanover

The symposium "Does Higher Education (HE) Promote Integration? The Dynamics of Integration and Academic Success for Students of Refugee Background (SoRB) at German Universities", funded by the VolkswagenFoundation, starts next week. Organisers are the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies, represented by Prof. Dr. Monika Jungbauer-Gans (scientific director) und Jana Berg (project "WeGe"), and the Berlin Refugee Research Group, represented by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Streitwieser (George Washington University, Washington D.C.).

Researchers from higher education, international education, migration and refugee studies, as well as invited experts and SoRB themselves will engage in the exchange of ideas around access to higher education, integration chances, as well as the role of organizational and institutional contexts. While the focus will squarely be on Germany, international comparisons will also permeate every facet of the symposium. In a particular panel, students and academics of refugee background will reflect on conditions and chances of promoting integration through higher education. The program can be downloaded here. As part of the symposium, the latest results from our ongoing research project WeGe will also be presented. A lecture examines the learning strategies of participants in Studienkolleg courses. A poster summarizes the results of qualitative interviews with refugees and experts as well as the first questionnaire survey among participants in preparatory courses.



StS / MG

Which factors can lead to drop-out intentions and influence the self-perceived chances of success?

One of the research questions we are dealing with in the WeGe project is about the requirements for a successful transition from study preparation to univerity study. With initial quantitative data from our study preparation survey, we can now examine factors associated with intentions to drop-out of study preparation for refugee and other international students and how confident they are to pass the exam at the end of the course preparation. We were able to present the first results at the 1. International User-Conference of the Research Data Center of the DZHW and discuss them with international university researchers. Many thanks at this point for the constructive feedback on the presentation. First results indicate that refugee prospective students by no means judge their chances of success worse than other international students. However, they think a little more frequently to drop-out from study preparation. We are currently preparing our analyzes for publication in an anthology and look forward to presenting more results here soon.