Refugees on their way into German Higher Education (WeGe)


The WeGe-study investigates the situation in study preparation classes and the key conditions for a successful integration of refugees and asylum seekers into the German higher education system.

On this website you'll find information and the latest news on the study. Moreover, we will provide information about our findings, publications and upcoming events. Participants will have the possibility to update their contact information.

Many thanks to all participants of the Study Preparation Survey 2020!

Our third survey of the Study Preparation Survey is now finished and we would like to thank all those who took the time to fill out the online questionnaire despite the extraordinary pandemic situation with the coronavirus. Your participation has significantly supported our research! A first look at the data shows that there are now more respondents in study or on their way to study than when the first survey was conducted. At the same time, there are also a few who are doing a vocational training, already have a job or are doing something completely different. We are happy about every single participant and wish them all continued success! Now we will first evaluate the results and are looking forward to get to know more about the sample!

Third wave of the Study Preparation Survey in the exceptional situation due to the Corona-Virus

The third and last wave of the Study Preparation Survey started on 11 March 2020. Currently, the Corona-Virus is spreading worldwide and many participants are therefore confronted with especially difficult and precarious situations. We are very grateful for all respondents who already contributed to our survey despite this exceptional situation! Your participation is of great importance for our research project and supports us providing new impulses to further develop study preparation courses for international students in Germany. We would like to ask those participants who have overlooked our invitation or have not found the time yet to respond to take the time for the questionnaire (about 15 minutes). Every participation counts!


Next Online Survey will start very soon

Since the last survey in late summer 2019, all participants took a big step forward in their education and career path. As previously announced, we will therefore launch our second online survey at the beginning of March and would like to ask all participants to support us again by answering the questionnaire! We will send an e-mail invitation including the link to start the second online survey soon.

The online survey focuses on the education and career paths after participating in a study preparation course. We particularly would like to get to know more about the challenges participants face in this process and how they meet these challenges.

All participants have the chance to win a new Apple iPad or book vouchers worth 25 Euro.

We are really looking forward to your participation, every participation counts!